Custom Heavy Infantry Predator (Kenner themed) NECA action figure

No you're not looking at the next Mortal Kombat boss, this is the Heavy Infantry Predator based on an old, unproduced prototype that Kenner did. The character in question had four arms and a giant plasma caster on its back along with massive horns coming from it's head (Google Heavy Infantry predator if you're still skeptical). Here I wanted to replicate that design and used NECA Predators figures to do so, installing a second set of arms on the torso, constructing armor and the giant plasma caster from fodder parts. The partial-helmet was created from a hollowed out from a Predators Tracker and outfitted with horns. A smaller plasma caster is mounted on his upper right forearm and a combination of old/new Predator feet were used. As odd as this design is I wanted to pay homage to Kenner, an amazing company at the time that helped shape my childhood with it's awesome offerings!

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