Custom Cobra Heavy B.A.T. figure

"Grinding on to the battlefield come Cobra's new line of troopers the Heavy B.A.T.s. These mechanical warriors can withstand more abuse than regular B.A.T.s due to their extremely dense armor plating. Each unit is equipped with an array of arm-attachments much like the regular B.A.T. forces but with deadlier firepower. The core of each Heavy B.A.T. can also be removed to allow a Cobra officer to 'suit up' and lead troops into battle, serving as a protective powered armor as well."

This figure was made from:

Head: Cobra BAT
Body: Iron Man 2, 3 3/4" Iron Monger
Hands: Armored Core
Feet: Mega Blocks Magna-bot
Shoulder/knee Armor: LCBH Judge Dredd
Gatling cannon/lower arm gun: Iron Man 2 movie figure

Cobra B.A.T.

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