Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave done DotM style!

Props to Shinobitron for doing this headswap first. Smoulder's head on Rescue Ratchet was a great idea! I took it a step further after seeing Playschool's new Rescue Bots Heatwave and wanted a fire/rescue vehicle but in regular TF style. I constructed some shoulder cannons from various parts and a blazing axe from a DCU weapon. An extended light bar came from movie Longarm. The knees were modded to allow him to stand straight up, shoulders panels modded to fold all the way in, and bumper that now swings down and locks the chest in place. Now Heatwave is ready to roll!

The head mod requires you to install one of those yellowsub ball joints mentioned in my guides, it fits Smoulder's head. You'll need Loctite's 2-part plastic superglue system to affix it in place of the old swivel plug and a drill. This is a great way to turn your Ratchet into someone else

Transformers Heatwave Custom

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