Custom Joe Alterverse Heatman from Megaman

"Elemental traits are present within the designs of Wily's Repliods and Heatman has the burning power of fire on his side. Giving off an aura of intense heat that allows him to melt through surfaces he touches, Heatman can even vaporize swords, bullets, and other weaponry used against him. Fortunately for us X's megablaster and Zero's energy sword disrupt the heat field and this hot heated minion can be defeated. The amount of fire extinguishers have been tripled around the P.I.T. now as a precaution."

This figure was made from:

Head,chestplate: RoC Viper
Body: Hard Master
Lower arms/flame: Fury Files Human Torch
legs: Battle Armor Cobra Commander
Waist/shoulder armor: Kubrick Nostromo crew
Hat-thing: Random fodder part


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