Custom Halo Warthog Vehicle with lights and battle damage detail

Holy smokes, this tool a LOT of time to do. It's a complete Halo Warthog mod that includes front/rack, and brake lighting as well as a full paint job for battle damaged effects. First the vehicle had to be disassembled. This wasn't too hard, just unscrew about 20 screws underneath. One in pieces each piece was washed, repainted, weathered with an assortment of rust/oil/scuffing/mud splatters/shading to bring the whole look up to 'movie replica' quality. Then the front headlights were carefully drilled/filed out and filled with epoxy so lenses were created. The same thing was done for the roof rack lights and the back lights. Then came the daunting task of running wires and LEDs through the entire thing. I took the time to wire the back brake lights separately so you could have the vehicle in 'park' with just those on, or all the lights on at once. The batteries/switches are hidden under the antiaircraft gun and the whole thing was given a sealer coat for protection. It's really neat how the inner windows light up as well and I even detailed the console controls.

My second attempt on this has added extra foglights, more battle damage including cracked windshields, and more detailed weathering. The lights and LED systems were done the same to allow the brake lights and front lights to activate separately.

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