Custom Halo 3 Spartan Soldiers

"SPARTANS! Tonight we dine in Blood Gulch!"
Oooh, that was pretty bad, sorry! Here's my Halo 3 Custom Spartan Soldier page which will feature updates of all the different versions of Spartan Soliders I'll be making. Right now there's two, the Black Spartan Mark VI and the Pink Spartan CQB. Each one features removable human heads and M.A.P.s, which are magnetic-attachment-points. Instead of those unsightly holes/pegs I've installed tiny rare earth magnets in both the armor and the weapons. This means any weapon can go anywhere there's a MAP and the weapons can be stored on a metal surface. Snag the 3mm x 1.5mm ones from and they'll fit right in to the holes on your Spartan's armor. Then use a 3mm dremel bit and hollow out the weapon hole larger, putting one in there. Make sure to match up the polarity first!

The different heads came from the new C.O.R.P.s 'Face Off' sets. These are the perfect 5" scale heads in my opinion and there's a bunch to choose from with new characters coming out soon according to the back of the package. Of course I completely repainted the heads and added my own little touches like the blonde guy's cybernetic eye and the stubble to the guy with the short black hair. Also each Spartan was repainted from head to toe with the usual level of detail. I have multiple jars of pre-mixed colors that I'll be using to make sure every new Spartan keeps the same shade. So in the future I'll have an EVA, Mark VI, and CQB in Pink, orange, etc.

Custom Halo Action Figure

Custom Halo Spartan Custom Halo Action Figure