CustomHalo 3 Spartan 'Firebug' Action Figure

"If you can’t stand the heat… call in the Spartan Firebug! Called ‘Firebugs’ from the antennae-looking hoses that feed their suit coolant, these soldiers can be called out to handle blazing crashes or lay down a blazing inferno at a moment’s notice using the flame gauntlet."

Enter the Firebug, another original Halo 3 character I came up with on the fly. He was made from the Spartan Rogue head/body, gloved hands from someone, Unleashed Iron Man's wrist cannon, House of M Iron Man's lower legs/feet, shoulder plates from a Spawn Interlink figure, and FF Movie Human Torch snap-on flames. The paint design was an orange base with glowing yellow seams and soot blackening on the main panels. Can't remember where the flame blast came from but I've had it in the parts box forever!

Halo Firebug