Custom Halo 3 'Corrupt Spartan' action Figure

”When the third wave of them that hit we knew something was different. The technological virus that infected the Spartan’s A.I. continued to ravage their bodies and over time they had become deadlier. Their skin was stripped and replaced with the same crackling energy that emanated from their armor making it tougher to stop them, warping and twisting their limbs into deadly spears. It was up to the Chief in his new form to fight them now as our weapons have no effect on these… things that were once our brethren.”

This custom figure was made from a McFarlane EVA Spartan, skull from a Plasma Monster Ghoul, energy flames from DC Universe Superman Red, right hand from a ML Human Torch, and hand-spear from a Witchblade accessory. It took a while to properly hollow out the EVA helmet but it finally fits over the skull. The jaw even moves, spooky! This character isn't in any of the Halo games or novels, but an original theme I came up with. Tho it's non-canon with the Halo series the response from fans have been pretty good.

Custom Halo 3