Custom Gordon Freeman Half Life 2 Action Figure

A fan request, Gordon Freeman is the unlucky scientist of Black Mesa research facility turned hero and out newest addition to the Video Game All Stars line! He's made from a Sigma 6 Zartan body, Iron Grenadier hands, and Long Range head. I had to sculpt all of the upper torso armor from Aves Fixit and let me tell you, sculpting square stuff is a pain in soft putty/clay! He was given the 20-different-kinds-of-paint treatment with all sorts of gunmetals, grays, black hues, and shading/highlighting effects. There's three different orange colors to his armor and metallic scuffing/weathering too. It was more complex than my Killzone or Master Chief.

His glasses will be of particular intrest to some because they're not sculpted to his head but instead free-floating and made from scratch. How to make them? Take a flat piece of blister bubble (I like to use the straps around the Sigma 6 Commando box, they're thicker) and paint the frame of the glasses on the plastic. Hold it up to the figure's face for scale and with a little practice you'll get it down. Then use your X-acto knife to cut out the glasses, sand the edges, and paint the rest of the frame. Glue on wires on the side and then carefully glue them to the brow.(or leave them free-standing) Remember, we're always 'raising the bar' here, hah! Look for Gordon to appear in a future issue of Playstation the Official Magazine!

Custom Gordon Freeman Figure

Custom Half Life Action Figure

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