Sol Badguy's and Ky Kiske's belt buckles (Guilty Gear)

Another Cosplay prop, here's Sol Badguy's 'Free' belt buckle from the Guilty Gear series by Sammy. It measures 4" by 2, 3/4" which was the biggest buckle blank I could find from the Tandy Leather Factory. Basically you take their rectangular buckle blank, cover it in Aves Fixit, then sculpt it was you wish. The Fixit is as good as metal and won't come off. I textured the front a bit by pressing rough sandpaper on the surface and nicking it up so the buckle looks like worn metal. Fits up to a 2" belt too. I based the word Free off of some GG artwork I found as the letters looked more dynamic than what I usually see on Sol's character artwork.

Later on a friend from DeviantArt asked me to make two more buckles for a cosplay convention, one of Ky's Hope and a larger Sol's Free buckle to match. These were made the same way with Aves Fixit but are huge, almost 6" tall and cut so they fit on the special belts that were used on the costumes. Here's how they turned out!

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