Custom Guiltaur from Transformers Animated Series!

What the heck is this? Why it's Guiltar, a fusion of Megatron and Prime that's powered by the Ghost of Starscream! If you're scratching your head you aren't alone, Guiltaur only showed up in the Tranformers Manga. You can find more info about him on the TF Wiki here.

Guiltaur was made from the top half of Animated Voyager Prime and the legs of Animated Voyager Megatron. Getting the legs to fit inside Prime's waist was a pain, I had to do all sorts of shaving, modding, and making a new ratchet system to keep the legs from being loose. His giant arm cannon was made from Sigma 6 Long Range's weapon, the smaller arm cannon came from an Armored Core figure, and the rest were from the MARS transforming playset that comes out during Christmas time at WalMart. Those shoulderpads were made from the axe accessory that came with Prime.

Moving guiltauG's faceplate reveals teeth! I took liberties with the character here, especially the alt mode. The Animated characters always differ from their G1 counterparts with a new design so I thought it only fitting to give guiltaur some personality. Hopefully I did this character justice, lemme know what you TF fans think!