Custom Clone Wars General Grievous with Articulation

A while back I added articulation and paint apps to a 12" Grievous. Since then most GG figures have been decently articulated... until it came to the new Clone Wars figure. Head, arms, hips, and waist, that was it. The commander of the Clone Army needed more joints! So I installed Yellow Sub ball joints in the ankles and took apart an IG Lancer droid, putting it's joints in Grievous' elbows and knees. For his split-arms I drilled up into the plastic and put in jewelry wire, which I found is far more durable than regular craft or steel wire for bending back and forth. Now Grievous can move in any direction, stomping some Jedi with those massive clawed feet of his. I even gave him a cloak made from the scraps of a Kratos skirt.

General Grievous