Custom Grendel Prime 3 3/4" scale Figure

"Lost through space and time the entity known only as Grendel Prime has so far proven unstoppable in battle, like a killing machine set on destroy as he searches for some skull he believes will allow him to collect the soul of a long dead Grendel Hunter Rose. Now he finds himself on earth once more battling their greatest heroes and military forces. Armed with a laser-like sword that can cut through almost anything and a terrible strength he uses to rip right through anyone in his path, Grendel Prime searches tirelessly for leads on the lost artifact...never stopping...never sleeping...until his goal is obtained."

This character is GI Joe scale 3 3/4" made from a Punisher Marvel Universe figure, custom sculpted head, metal rivets, and martini pics for spikes/laser sword along with some GI Joe fodder parts. A bit of nostalgia for you all, my very first Grendel Primes were made from Marvel Legends Punisher figures so I'm continuing the trend with this one as well!

Grendel Prime

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