Custom Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Figure with Bike

After seeing the trailer for the new Ghost Rider 2, Spirit of Vengeance movie I looked around for a bike like his. You know how hard it is to find a 1:12 motorcycle? So I decided to go with 1:18 and make a Marvel Universe Ghost Rider from the new movie! He's made from a MU Ghost Rider head/hands, Snake Eyes body, Cobra Commander legs, Crimson Guard feet, and I think a Terminator guy's jacket. The bike is a modified 1:18 MaiSto with added flames and sculpt. I love how the treads in the wheels came out, looking like they're burning from the inside. Fiery pee-stream came from a Clone Wars flamethrower trooper. Ghost Rider had sculpt added to him in various areas then burned with a braising torch, smoothed down, sanded, and broiled again for the charred appearance. The movie character GR looks the same way as if he was set on fire all melty and bubbly. Now Ghost Rider is ready to take on the baddies with the power of hellfire!

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

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