Custom Gipsy Danger Pacific Rim Action Figure

Another Pacific Rim custom figure is ready for deployment and this time it's the star Jaeger of the movie, Gipsy Danger! This custom NECA Gipsy Danger figure was made by taking the original apart at the elbows and installing Transformers human alliance scout limbs that were double jointed. The same was done for the hips to allow for more range articulation, knees, and ankles allowing Gipsy Danger to block, grapple, and even kneel. A Ghost rider flame section was modified for the ELBOW ROCKET! blast, two scratch made chain swords that magnetically attach, and Plasma caster created from a Star Wars droid accessory. Gipsy Danger was then given a full paint job that required over eight hours of detail work with the armor shading, scuffing, blast splatter, edge highlights, light effects, and complete micro panel line additions based on the movie stills. Pacific Rim's Gipsy Danger Jaeger is now ready for deployment once again!

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