Custom 80's Ghost Rider with Pennance Stare

The new Ghost Rider movie is out so I figured it was a perfect time to update my Ghost Rider figure. The 'Raging GR' figure from hasbro is pretty neat but the face needed work. Of course from there I just went all out! I added steel spikes by clipping off the little tips of wire brads and drilling holes where the old rubber studs were. I wanted to give GR a 'pennance stare' so I drilled out the eye sockets larger and installed light-pipes so that the red LED in his head was channeled through his eyes and not making only his head light up like before. The orange led works the same and makes the flames light up. All the joint holes were filled in with Apoxie Sculpt, the tiny ball hips were removed and modded to look decent, added the metal chain with barrel-link clasp, and repainted everything from the flames down! Oh, and I detailed the bike, even sculpting a tiny GR symbol on the gas cap, hah! This was a pretty straightforward mod and you can do this to your fig with very little trouble. Enjoy!