Custom Ghost Rider Action Figure

It's almost Halloween and that means we need another Ghost Rider! Ol' skull-head was made from the body of the Hasbro 2-pack Ultimate Captain America, boots and gloves from the Hydra Goon, flame from the Toybiz FF Classics Torch, and skull from a Hasbro GR movie figure. The skull's face especially the eyes and brow were resculpted for the wider eyed look like the old Bowen minibust had. I added steel spikes to his shoulders and gloves using real chain with magnetic clasp as well for his accessories. He has a biker wallet chain to so Blackheart's minions can't pick-pocket him. I almost gave him blue highlights because every other Ghost Rider out so far has gray but stuck with the classic look. No bike this time tho, I'll have to work on that later.

Ghost Rider