Custom Ghost Rider Action Figure with Bike (90's)

Here's Ghost Rider done in his classic 90's outfit and bike! He was made from the body of a movie Ultimate Captain America body, upper arms from a ML Ghost Rider, lower legs from Bullseye, head and hands from a DC Direct Black Lantern Deadman with resculpted eyes, and metal spikes embedded into his arms and boots. The bike came from the original ML Ghost Rider but I noticed he didn't ride it correctly with his feet forward. So I removed the center section of the bike and completely rebuilt it, adding epoxy flames on the wheels to raise the bike. Add a metal wallet chain, burning chain effect, and removable penance stare eyes, this Ghost Rider is the best I've made so far in my opinion.

Want to make flaming tires like this? Head over to my Hotgluing your customs guide to learn how to make your own.

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider

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