Masters of the Universe Classics 'Gear Guard' custom Steampunk style action figure!

""The Gear Guard is an ancient Automaton created by an even older race of Eternians that once resided deep within the planet's surface. For centuries these mechanical knights stood guard over treasure holds, secret passages, and dungeons. Once such guard was discovered by Orko and accidentally reactivated, deeming He-Man and his friends a threat! During the battle Man-at-Arms was able to remove the programming codex from Gear Guard, wiping its commands. Now only its base programming remains, to guard and protect the greatest treasure of all...Eternia itself!" "

This custom Masters of the Universe Classics Gear Guard is an original character created from a Blast-Attak body, Skylanders gear/faceplate, Transformers rock'em sockem style Grimlock fist/sword, and various fodder parts added on for a steampunk style look. He was given a metallic airbrushed paint job and sealed with Liquitex acrylic varnish to protect against wear.

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