Custom Marvel vs Capcom 2 Gambit Figure

"Don' mess wit de' Cajun!"
Gambit returns and this time in the Marvel vs Capcom 2 style like the ingame sprite. I made sure to style him from the sprite and not the artwork, giving him a lighter colored jacket and the spikey hair that flips over to one side. The body and hands are from the Target Red Hulk wave Union Jack, head is a DC Universe Superman Blue, lower legs and collar piece from the original ML Gambit, and the coat is from the Nick Fury Ult Cap 2-pack. The hair was sculpted by hand from Fixit Sculpt and took quite a while to do each individual piece. The kenetic cards he's holding were made from styrene strips and clear blister figure package.

MvC2 Gambit

Here's a peek at my new MvC2 Gambit, you can still see how I made him and how to create those 'kenetic cards' he's holding. Just watch the video below!

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