Custom Gambit Marvel legends Figure (MvC2 style)

Seeking to make an even better custom Marvel legends Gambit than my original Marvel vs Capcom 2 version I came up with this recipe. The body is DCU Captain Boomerang, Nick Fury/Punisher lower arms/coat, Eclipso hands, any DCU gripping hands, old ML Gambit lower legs/collar, and a modded DCU Superman Blue head. I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt for the hair and belt sculpts. Gambit's card were made from styrene strips cut into rectangles. The kinetic blast effects are blister bubble laced with epoxy/hot glue and then painted with suncatcher acrylic paints for those stained glass kid-projects you find in Walmarts craft dept. They have all sorts of clear colors like red, purple, and pink that we were missing from the testors/Tamiya paints.

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Custom Gambit

MvC2 Gambit

Custom Marvel Legends

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