Custom Classics Galvatron (Voyager Class)

You just can't have too much of a good thing, and that thing is Galvatron! He's a fan request to do Galvy in his dark purple with primarially darker grays and the little black arrows on his lower legs. The base figure was the Toys R Us exclusive Energon Megatron so he's Voyager sized, the correct height to pit him up against Classics Prime. His cockpit/cannon holder on the arm was some sort of Zoids piece, the particle cannon a good ol' pen body, and the treads leftover from a Kids Connection M.A.R.S. playset. I suppose I like him in purple just as much as I do dark blue and went with a less weathered, more solid color scheme for a G1 look. So thanks for asking me to make him purple and keep those requests pouring in!

Custom Transformers Galvatron

Custom Action Figure

Custom Galvatron Action Figure