Custom 'Classics' Galvatron Action FIgure

Galvatron again! YES! BRILLIANT! Ok, I've been watching too many Guinness commercials, heh. Galvatron is back and this time I've done him in a G1 'Classics' theme by following the old color scheme and turning him into a space cannon for his alt-mode. I ended up with three, yes count them, three Energon Megatrons through trades. Hah! So one went under the knife. I probabaly should of dressed up as Unicron for effect too when I created him. Galvatron was given a ball-jointed head which really improves his look, a gaint particle accelerator cannon made from an oversided pen-body and some Bionicle/microman parts, and tank treads left over from the Kid Connetions playset I used for some of Shockwave's weapons. The cannon attaches to 2 points on his right arm. One on the side of the arm for storage and then on the forearm for combat so he can aim it. Overall I'm pleased on how well Hasbro copied Galvatron's G1 form to the Energon Megatron and hopefully I did him justice!