Custom Galvatron Transformers Movie Figure

Galvatron?! Yes.. Galvatron... heh, I just like saying that name. No he wasn't in the movie and I really doubt he'll show up in the sequel looking like this but my custom is a nod to G1 and movie fans alike. I used a Voyager 'icy' Megatron and removed the ice, added, well... let's see here. The hands were from a Spidey Origins Doc Ock and extend/spin so you can pose the wrists around. The chest shield was an Energon key (I decided on it as a 'containment shield' for the hole in his chest Megatron acquired in the movie) some Microman armor was added for bulk, and some Gundam parts like his crown tips and shoulder spike-wing-things. Megs original claw parts are on his shoulders now, kinda like Unicron spikes. Yep, he's toting a large orange cannon on his right arm just like G1 Galvatron! I think the colors really mesh even in jet-mode. I liked the ice so much on the wings that I kept it, darkening it with clear blue. After that it was your basic repainting job and Galvatron was complete!