Masters of the Universe Classics custom FOE-LIEGE original character creation

"The Forests of Eternia are no place for a lone adventurer to least not where Foe-Liege prowls! With the power to command the very forest itself to do his bidding he prepares to fight Moss-Man for control. But beware, the fearsome Foe-Liege is an expert in camouflage and can sneak up or evade even the most seasoned tracker. He-Man will have his hands full if he dares to challenge his rule."

Here's another custom Masters of the Universe Classics original character, Foe-Liege! He's made from a Moss-Man body, standard boot feet, NECA werewolf claws, Skylanders Pop Fizz face, Grizzlor head/fur pelt, and twine ropes. Citadel flocking and 3M spray was used over a sculpted body to simulate a forest floor look. Pleastic floral leaves were added for effect and make up his crown and ears as well. Now Moss-Man has a nemesis and a sneaky one at that!

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