Custom Flying Sentinel with Light-up Chest

Finished my 'Flying Sentinel', finally. He was kinda modelled after this guy from a videogame to a point, but then I went off adding different things to him. Painted him up, got him all finished, then realized I didn't even make the jetpack part, LMAO! So I guess he's a ground unit version of the flying sentinel.

He's made of an X3 Juggy body, old 5" Titanium man head, some CyCom hands, removable gun unit from some weird Cyberlink spawn fig, the lower boots to Mr Freeze, and an Autobot Energon crystal on his chest. Thanks to taddy333 from the Fwoosh for finding the light-up unit I used in his body! (It's from those Glow Worm gummy candy with magic tongs) Press the button on his back and his chest lights up something BRIGHT. It's apparently focused through the energon crystal I used and makes a super bright 'target sight' circle on the wall. No airbrushed effects this time, I went oldschool.