Custom Flood Infected UNSC Marine (Halo 3)

Aiiiiie, it's the flood! This Flood infected UNSC Marine in Combat form is actually a character in the Halo 3 video game. He was created from the 5" New Goblin figure with Fixit Sculpted armor sections and flood form. The large left arm was a combination of a TF Quintesson arm and the wing-claws from some DuelMaster unded lion. The slumped over human head came from a football figure of some sort. Everything else was sculpted, which of course drove me crazy. It took at least 9 hours to sculpt the flood parts, armor sections, and make it all come together layer by layer. You may think it's nifty but I never want to see this thing again, I pretty much shun any custom I had to spend more than an hour sculpting, bleh. Props to the professional sculptors out there who make our action figures, I dunno how you guys do it.

Flood Infected Marine

Flood Combat Form

Custom Action Figure

Custom Halo 3 Figure