Custom Flood Infection Form: Brute Stalker

Oh man, talk about a lot of sculpting. This figure was made from the McFarlane Brute Stalker Halo 3 figure with flood infection sculpted with Apoxie sculpt. There's a ton of surface detail on there and you can see where I took the head apart and made a creepy elongated mouth. The left combat claw fingers were made from parts of a Lord of the Rings 'Shelob' spider and look just about dead-on to the ingame claws. Add some wires split at the ends and covered with epoxy for sensors and you have yourself a nasty Flood Combat Form.

The paint was all done with Testors Model Master Acylics and features all sorts of different washes, gore effects, blending such as where the Brute head turns into the flood parts, and other nifty effects.

Flood Brute

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