Megaman Alterverse Flash Man 1:18 scale Marvel Universe figure

"Time seemed to slow to a crawl during a battle with Sigma and the Joes were being taken out by something with blinding speed. We thought Quick Man had returned but the blinding flash of light that followed each attack told a different story. Flash Man had arrived forcing Zero to aid the injured Joes and retreat before our backup arrived. You win this round Sigma... Hawk out."

Another Megaman Alterverse character, Flash Man is here to ruin the Joe's day! This blinding Robot Master was created from a Marvel Universe Extremis body, Duke head, Miss Marvel legs, Avengers Skrull belt, Revoltech lower legs and Titanium Man feet. Fodder parts were used for his arm blaster and Aves Apoxie Sculpt was used for his custom helmet and chestplate design.

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