Custom MOTUC Fang-Fist original character Snake Man figure

"With the Snake Men army at full force more of the slithery serpents find their way on to the battlefield once again. The vicious Fang-Fist leads his battalion of warriors against He-Man and Teela using his crushing skull bite. Can He-Man's shield take the full force of Fang-Fist's attack? It had better because this Snakeman takes no prisoners, only trophies to add to his collection of skeletal remains!"

Here's another custom original character for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, Fang-Fist! He was created using a Slush-head body, Snake-crush 200x Skeletor snaked skull, King Hsss arms/legs and Mer-man hands/feet. A cast Snake Man head was given apoxie sculpted skeletal detail as was his wrists.

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