Custom Mortal Kombat Ermac 6

FINISH HIM! And I did, my very first Mortal Kombat custom is done and it's none other than the telekinetic ninja Ermac. Created for a good friend of mine this Ermac was done in 6" scale using a Marvel Legends Black Panther body, Iron Man arms, Aves Apoxie sculpted armor details, and a foam tunic base that allows him full torso articulation. The eyes actually glow via light-piping that was fairly difficult to do. The eyes themselves are elliptical shaped sections of the double-prong party picks you can get at Walmart and come in clear colors, perfect eye shape. I then drilled out the back of his head, installed a piece of clear acrylic as a focusing lens, and removed half of the ball-post so that the head still moved around on it without coming off. The eye posts were inserted through carefully shaped holes I drilled and locked into the focusing block in the back of his head so that light shines through them from any direction. Two extra fists were added along with green energy effects created using the heat-vision NECA Dutch hands and hot glue. Now Ermac is ready to battle!

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