'Campaign for a Cure Against Breast Cancer' Pink Elite


American Breast Cancer Foundation
Campaign for a Cure Auction!

Alright troops itís time for your mission briefing. Thereís something out there that is killing people, a deadly force that corrupts and grows within. It has no cure as of yet and scientists are working all over the world to find one. No Iím not talking about the Flood, Iím talking about Breast Cancer. About 465,000 women worldwide die annually from this form of cancer. What can you do? Support the American Breast Cancer Foundation and help them educate, care for, and eventually find a cure. I created this Pink Elite to help them out, 100% of the auction proceeds going towards the American Breast Cancer Foundation. It's your basic Elite decked out in pink armor with red and silver armor highlights. I used a deeper shade of pink and washed it into the cracks using the paint-wipe-away technique. You can still remove the armor, this way any of your Elites can support the cure!

Pink Elite

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