Custom Megaman Robot Masters Elec Man 1:18 GI Joe scale figure

"The power surge that took out the USS Flagg's navigational systems turned out to be no accident. A crazed Robot Master called Elec Man had appeared and began wreaking havoc with massive electrical bolts until X used Cut Man's blades to snip his wires. Elec man escaped in Bubble Man's sub while Hi-Tech and Clutch repaired the Flagg's systems so we wouldn't be caught dead in the water."

Here's another Megaman Alterverse character with a charged personality, Elec man! He was made from a Crimson Guard, Hydra Agent head, Avengers Skrull chestplate, comic Iron man lower arms, RoC The Doctor legs, and Black Ox Revoltech lower legs. Elec man gets an electrical blast beam to ride around on and is decked out in classic Elec man design details.

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