Custom ESWAT Cyber Police action figure 1:18 scale

ESWAT Cyber Police is one of those games from the past so obscure you'd miss it if you blinked. It was an arcade shooter but made its way on to the Sega Genesis. Here we have one of the ESWAT Officers in his cyber suit. It was made from the Deep Dive Iron Man 2 figure, the right arm cannon from a missile of some sort, chestplate from RoC Heavy Duty, head from 25th Starduster, hand from a Patlabor Griffon Labor Revoltech, and modded RoC Sgt Flash helmet.

The backpack was made from a Terminator T600 pack (props to Jared for the fodder!) with Glyos parts for the turrets. The figure was basecoated in dark blue, given a silver topcoat, a wash of deep metallic blue, then highlights of lighter metallic blue. There's all sorts of art for this guy so I tried to combine the best parts of the suit and color scheme from all the resources I found.


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