Custom Duke Nukem Sigma 6 GI Joe figure

He's got balls of steel, he kicks ass and chews bubblegum... but he's all outta gum. He's Duke Nukem! Duke was created using a Sigma 6 'Mountain Scout' body, Black Ops Shockwave's hands, and Frontal Assault Duke's head. I had to completely resculpt over the upper body to remove the sweater and then create the tank top using Aves Fixit Sculpt. His sunglasses were also sculpted on. His skin tone is a mix of Testors Centaur flesh mixed with some burnt sienna, orange, and warm flesh for a darker tan look. Add some straps, pouches, grenades, and one trademark radioactive belt buckle later, Duke was born. He's wielding your basic style Sigma 6 weapons like the assault rifle, uzi, shotgun, combat knife, and of course the Duke's mighty foot. Duke Nukem will be showing up in an upcoming Playstation the Official Magazine issue so keep an eye out!

Custom Duke Nukem

Custom Duke Nukem Figure

Custom Jin Saotome Figure