Custom Hammer Drone US Army Type from Iron Man 2

"Hey, welcome to the Stark Expo everyone! Today, I have just the thing for you military types, It's our new line of Hammer Drones! Next up is the Army drone. Why, this baby was made for ground to air combat, ground to ground combat, hell it was made for just plain combat! Why, just look at the artillery it comes with. You have wrist-mounted machine guns with some rocket launchers added in. You have grenade launchers, and what the heck I'll even throw in the massive 50 cal Anti-Aircraft shoulder mounted Howitzer cannon! Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this could give even Iron Man a run for his money. Hey, let's get a close up here!"

Here we have another Hammer Drone, the Army version, created from the Toys R Us 3-pack Arctic Crusader Iron Man body and the legs from the Walmart 6" War Machine. The head came from the Burgerking Cyclone Drone toy, chest plate/waist and weapons from the 6" Megablocks War Machine, shoulder cannon from some Front Mission figures/Gundam beam sabers, wrist cannons from Revoltech Patlabor figures and hip panels from TFA Bulkhead voyager fingers. Various other fodder parts were used and he was given a sandy desert paint job.

Hammer Drone

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