Custom Hammer Airforce Drone from the Iron Man 2 Movie

"Hey, welcome to the Stark Expo everyone! Today, I have just the thing for you military types, It's our new line of Hammer Drones! First up is the Airforce drone. Why, this baby was made for midair combat, holy smokes! Why, just look at the artillery it comes with. You have arm-mounted missile pods and machine guns. You have the back mounted sidewinder missiles and to top it off jet propulsion unit. Why, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this could give even Iron Man a run for his money. Hey, let's get a close up here!"

*ahem* This custom Hammer Drone was created from the heavy Artillery Iron Man movie I figure, head from the Burgerking Cyclone Drone toy, chest plate/waist and weapons from the 6" Megablocks War Machine, arm panels from a Resistance 2 Chimera, lower arms from a Front Mission 3 figure, lower legs from a Resistance 2 Ravager, hands from an Iron Man joe-scale Iron Monger, backpack thrusters from an Avatar atv vehicle, and hip panels from TFA Bulkhead voyager fingers. Whew!

Hammer Drone

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