Transformers Cybertronian Driller, Shockwave's pet


Here it is, the biggest custom I've made so far. The Cybertronian Driller from Transformers Dark of the Moon has surfaced! This sucker is massive, over 3 feet long and weighing four pounds. The Driller was made from all sorts of stuff, most found at Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. The main body is a long section of flexible plastic pipeline with electrical conduit for the four tentacles that extend out, all bendable. Drills from Iron Man figures were added, parts from Avatar vehicles, Neo Shifters, metal pins, Sigma 6 weapons, train track, miniature fencing, and other stuff was cobbled together to create this thing. The center eye lights up and the different grindcore sections rotate around the main body.

Painting this beast took two cans of silver and gunmetal spraypaint, airbrushing, then getting down to the scuffs, scratches, metallic detailing, splatters, and other techniques. I created a 3D diorama for the end that makes it look like it's bursting out of the side of a building. You could also mount it on a post so it looks like it's coming out of the ground too. Check out Topspin and Shockwave in the pictures and you'll see how large this thing really is!

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