Drill Man: GI Joe Alterverse Megaman custom

"Those Cobra Mole Pods have nothing on this guy, Drill Man as he's aptly named. With metal alloy drills that can penetrate any known material, Drill Man has burrowed his way through tanks, jets, reinforced airlock doors, and anything else that stood in his way. Well, except for X. It seems the energy blasts from his Buster Cannon can damage Drill Man's drills just fine and send him to the scrapyard. Now we just need to fill in all these holes."

This figure was made from:

Head: Custom ROM Space Knight cast from Broken Arrow Toys
Body: RoC Sgt Flash
Kneepads: Cobra Paraviper
Lower Legs: Serpentor
Drills: Kotobukiya Modeling Support Goods

Drill Man

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