Masters of the Universe Classics 'Dragoonfly' original custom figure

"The skies have never been friendly in Eternia as all sorts of creatures and machines take to the air to do battle. Joining the fray is the Dragoonfly warrior, ally of Buzz-Off and guardian of the Eternian marshland. Equipped with a powerful halberd this insectioid warrior can speed overhead without a sound and find his mark with deadly precision."

Here's another Masters of the Universe Classics custom figure, the Dragoonfly Warrior. He was created using a Buzz-Off body, Lord Dactus lower legs, Zodac lower arms/loincloth, TMNT Roach Terminator limbs, and the head/wings from a Star Wars insect mount that Yoda rides. I attached the wings to some Ben Ten character wings so they could fold down individually and gave Dragoonfly an airbrushed paint job fitting a high flying warrior.

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