Custom Dr Wily from Megaman: GI Joe Alterverse

"His creations are straight out of nightmares and range from massive machines that can destroy anything in their path to human sized reploids able to sneak through the tightest of defenses. He is Dr. Wily, evil genius and new weapons supplier/business partner of Cobra Commander. His twisted robots now march along side HISS tanks, their new alliance threatening the entire world. The Joes have enlisted the service of heroes across the globe and some beyond it in hopes of defeating Wily. An we'll need all the help we can get!"

This figure was made from:

Head: Custom cast from Broken Arrow Toys with sculpted hair
Body/hands: SDCC RoC Destro in suit
Arms/coat: RoC Cobra Commander

Doom Bubble made from a Megablocks Merlin's Dragon orb, Grevious wheel bike, and random fodder parts.

Dr Wily

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