Pharmaceutical Sheep custom figure from Brick Ninja!

He’s ba-a-a-d to the bone and ready to prescribe pain to all who stand for freedom! Once a mild-mannered pharmacist, Ewegne Sheary accidentally mixed Claritin, Oxycodone, and Lipitor together during a lab trial. The resulting explosion fused his DNA with the lamb gyro he was eating for lunch and RX Sheep was born! Angered by his wooly predicament, Sheep set out to change humanity into anthro-furry mutations like him so he wouldn’t be picked while grazing at the Sizzler’s salad bar. He was soon recruited by the FLUUSH's successors, the evil organization S.P.U.R.N. (Super Powered Underlings Rejecting Normality) whose bus-boy-turned-supreme-leader Dishmaster recognized Sheep’s potential for chemical mayhem.

Now free to follow his new teammates, RX Sheep uses his pharmaceutical knowledge to concoct all sorts of potions and crazy experimental creations to assault Brick Ninja, the only hero capable of standing in SPURN’s way of total world domination!

[RX Sheep figure comes with bloody hacksaw, explosive vials, and ear tag for easy identification in the flock.]

Prepare yourself... for Brick Ninja series 2.42 Classics Expanded Retro Preview Unleashed Edition!! Coming soon to a collector's shelf near you!