Dr. McNinja custom GI Joe action figure

"Enter Dr McNinja, a 35 year old doctor who just happens to be a ninja. Cumberland's finest doctor is always on the case whether it be a sprained ankle or a zombie infestation. Armed with his trusty katana and stethoscope McNinja will find a way to make things right while accepting all major forms of insurance. These days the good doctor is thwarting the diabolically radical plans of King Radical or dropping in on his folks at the family secret ninja cave hideout."

Chris Hasting's and Kent Archer's character Dr McNinja. If you haven't read through all the back issues in the archives, DO IT NOW! One of the best webcomics out there. Head to DrMcNinja.com.

This figure was made from:

Head: Firefly
Body: SDCC Destro
Coat: ROC The Doctor
Stethoscope: Headphone wire
Sword/sheathe: Paris Snake Eyes

DR. McNinja

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