Custom Dr Doom Marvel Legends Action Figure

"Because Doom DEMANDS it!"

Ack, if Doom speaks, we listen! Actually a few fans were asking for a repainted Dr Doom or 'Jim Lee' version where he's in his classic colors. I snagged the Marvel legends Fantasic Four Doom and did just that. It's almost all repaint work but I did give him an energy-blade made out of an icons iron Man jet and two booster flames that magnetically attach on to his back jets. Wanna reapint Doom? Here's how. Basecoat his armor all in black and use Mithril Silver to drubrush it. Then paint his tunic/cape a light green and use a wash of dark emerald green over it twice, paying attention to keeping the darker green in the folds. You'll notice I seriously repainted his scarred face too! That was more complicated and I added welts, tufts of hair, and other icky details. Add in a display base made from a Mazinger AD figure and Doom's very own name and you'll have yourself a classic Doom!

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