Custom 'What If' Dr Doom Had Kept Beyonder's Powers

Up on deviantArt I was privy to a few comic panels of the new 'What If' comic coming out on Dec 31st. It's What if Dr Doom kept the Beyonder's powers? The panels show Doom replicating himself and flying through space to attack some cosmic beings and blew me away! Right then I knew I just had to make that particular version of Doom. He was made from a Stealth Strike Iron Man body, FF Cosmic Doom head/cape (yes it's an incredibly hard figure to find but check your Ross/TJ Max) and some Modeling Support Goods bolt-ish parts. I had to sculpt over the chest and make the neck cowl section as well. Overall I am blown away by this Doom design that's coming out and hope someday they'll make an actual figure of him!

What if Doom

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