Custom Steampunk Dr Doom Action Figure

Here's another in my line of Steampunk Marvel customs, Dr Doom! He was created using a Prince Caspian of Narnia torso, Flaming Ringwraith lower arms/legs, unknown LotR cape, armor bits from a MegaBlocks Iron Man Ground Assault Drone kit, head-cowl from DC Universe Dessad, and a modified face from a Hulk Transformers Crossovers tank. Man that's a lot of parts. I was able to create rivets on Hulk's face by hollowing the bristles out of an old paintbrush end, the metal part, then heating it and pressing it into the plastic. By itself it makes a great rivet-maker when you're sculpting with Apoxie Sculpt by making impressions.

Steampunk Dr Doom

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