Custom Doctor Octopus marvel universe figure

Here's a custom Doctor Octopus figure that will help complete your Marvel Universe Sinister Six team. Baron Zemo's body was used with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt for his pot-belly, wolverine upper legs, cake-topper bendy tentacles, and a Titanium Doc Ock's head and tentacle claws. One classic paint job later and Doctor Octopus is ready to take on Spider-Man!

Doctor Octopus has gone many a transformation in the years he's appeared in the comics and this week I bring you the good doc ock as he's been portrayed on TV in Spiderman the Animated Series! This custom Doctor Octopus Marvel Universe figure was created using a Guardsman upper body/upper legs, Titanium Man lower torso, classic Iron Man forearms and lower legs. An Avengers Skrull provided the shoulderpads and Maverick's collar was trimmed. Doc Ock's head was from the Titanium Doc Ock and the bendy tentacles came from the highly sought after 'Spiderman vs Doctor Octopus revolving cake topper' that can sometimes be found on ebay.

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