Custom Thor Movie Destroyer, Marvel Legends scale

Destroyer was created from the Deluxe 8" Thor Movie Destroyer which only had 5 points of articulation originally. Each section of the Destroyer was hollowed out so that various joints from other figures could be inserted. Shoulders from a 4 Horseman figure, elbows and hips from a Thorbuster Iron Man, knees/ankles from a Sideshow buck body, and finally wrists were all added and blended in with resculpting. Over 300 individual metal spikes were added and a blend of metallic silver, gunmetal, and mithril gave him the classic worn metal look. His head was hollowed out and a light-up LED system installed so he could fireblast his opponents. The Destroyer is finally a force to be reckoned with!

Custom Thor Destroyer

Custom Destroyer

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