Demolishor, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Demolishor joins my Revenge of the Fallen customs as one of the cooler designs in the movie in my opinion. Unfortunately the toy itself is pretty lacking and usually passed over in the aisle. Well not this time. I started out with the original toy and removed the head adding a new double ball-jointed neck (if you want to remove the head for this mod you can easily just tear it straight off) fold up fingers within the shovel made from Soundwave's toes, and modded the tires so they're free spinning.

I also added sculpt inside the main body cavity like hoses, gears, pistons, and on the outside added wire to various sections. The paint job is a mix of shading, airbrushing, some washes, a blending of red and orange, rust scuffs, oil splatter, dusty weathered streaks, and whatever else I could think of to make it look like a realistic prop of the onscreen character.

I'm going to continue to push the limits of detailing with these RoTF customs and throw every technique I have into them. Wish me luck!


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