Demo-Man, custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure!

When Mattel came up with a new bio for their Masters of the Universe Skeletor Classics figure some fans embraced the thought of Keldor being merged with Demo-Man while others were angered at the change. I for one got a kick out of this new character Matty created for the bio and decided to give him a figure form. There were a few different versions of him but one stood out, deviantArtist' Sllohcin's Demo-Man.

I altered the design to incorporate the different artists' renditions along with additions of my own to complete the figure. Demo-Man was made from a MotU Classics Skeletor, re sculpted head from a series 3 ML Ghost Rider with TFA Oil Slick's horns, and a spinal-whip-ponytail from an old Toybiz Phage toy. His wings came from a Spawn dragon, hands from an NECA Raziel, and feet from a Skeleflex dinosaur. I made a quick fix to his loincloth, added a bandoleer from ML Hercules, and whipped up a double-axe-staff from a 4 Horseman Mutant figure and some Sigma 6 parts. Demo-Man was complete!


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